Unlock your HTC GENE (DOPOD D600) to work with any sim/network!No more simlock code!

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Purchase HTC GENE (DOPOD D600) Unlocker Key for £9.99
(apx. EUR 11.66 / USD 16.31)
Step 1 - Enter Data for unlocking your HTC GENE (DOPOD D600)
(removes SIM/NETWORK LOCK - use any provider, removes CID lock - flash any firmware)

A key file matching your IMEI will be send to the paypal account email address.
The unlocker (DOWNLOAD HERE) will work with the given IMEI only.


To get your IMEI just dial *#06# or have a look at label under battery of phone.
Note that on HTC GENE (DOPOD D600) label IMEI is 15 digits long, if you type *#06# on phone it will be 17 digits, but unlocking will need only the FIRST 15 digits.

Note that the unlocker work only under Windows 2000/XP/VISTA. It WILL NOT run under 98, or ME.

How To:

 1. Save the UNL file received from us. Save the GENEv1Unlock.zip to your computer and unzip it.
 2. turn phone on and connect to pc (green ActiveSync icon in system tray)

ActiveSync connected
When you see this green icon in system tray then ActiveSync is connected properly to your phone

 3. start GENEv1Unlock.exe and follow instructions

Image of the HTC GENE (DOPOD D600) simunlock program
Unlocker started (PC)

Image of the HTC GENE (DOPOD D600) simunlock program
Unlocking in progress / done (PC)

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