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Unlock (simlock) HTC Maple (HTC S520 / HTC S521 / HTC S522 / HTC S523 / HTC Snap / T-Mobile Dash 3G)
Unlock your HTC Maple (HTC S520 / HTC S521 / HTC S522 / HTC S523 / HTC Snap / T-Mobile Dash 3G) to work with any sim/network!No more simlock code!
Step 1 - Enter Data (have a look at the How To at the bottom of this page)
An unlock code matching your IMEI will be sent to the paypal account email address,
after ID verification.
Please enter your IMEI and upload the FILE you got from running MAPLEv1Unlock.exe (see instructions below)
Price:£9.99**(apx. EUR 11.66,US$ 16.30) PayPal

To get your IMEI just dial *#06# or have a look at label under battery of phone.
Note that on HTC Maple label IMEI is 15 digits, if you type *#06# on phone it will be 17 digits, but unlocking will need only the FIRST 15 digits.

How To:

1. Connect your phone with the USB CABLE to your pc (make sure WindowsMobileDevice Center / ActiveSync recognizes the connected phone)

2. Run MAPLEv1Unlock.exe on your DESKTOP PC(Win2000/XP/2003/Vista ONLY)

3. Save the extracted file to your hard disk and upload it with the form above

If you have problems uploading the file please contact us: unlock_support @

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