Motorola Smartphone MPX200 Simlock remove

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Purchase MPx200 Unlock Code for £9.99
(apx. EUR 11.66 / USD 16.31)

Step 1 - Enter Data

The unlock code will be send to the paypal account email address.

SPECIAL FOR VODAFONE HOLLAND USERS:If your phone still accept the original vodafone card, then just buy the code from us. After purchase you can log in to the support section to get special instructions for unlocking it.(It will require that you have the ORIGINAL card and phone accepting it!!!).
If you flashed your phone with other firmware and now ur phone not accept even the original card, then WE CAN'T HELP YOU!

DOWNLOAD MPx200 simlock remote unlocker.

Please enter your IMEI and upload the FILE you got from running motoUnlock.exe
(see instructions below)


How To:

1. put SIM from disallowed provider into your simlocked MPX200
After unlocking you can use phone with ANY simcard.

2. turn the phone on and when asking for SIM-Unlock (NETWORK PIN OR PUK) code put it into the cradle

3. when active sync is sucessfully connected (see picture below) run motoUnlock.exe
(While running motoUnlock.exe you have to wait 15 sec. until a window comes up requesting filename for saving)

Image of the active sync conected to the MPX200 which we want to unlock it
Unlocking in progress (PC)

4. save the extracted file to your hard disk and upload it with the form above

If you have problems uploading the file please contact us: unlock_support @

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